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Built for high volume, the new MX-M1054 Series boasts impressive B/W speed of 105 cpm/ppm. The MX-M1054 boasts scanning speeds of 120 opm* (one-sided) and 200 opm* (two-sided). Its highly efficient 250-sheet DSPF (duplex single pass feeder) scans both pages of two-sided originals in one pass.


*When feeding A4-size documents at 200-dpi resolution.
opm: original per minute.

Highly Productive Operation

  • Highly efficient 250-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder
  • Quick scanning at 120 opm*1 (1-sided originals) or 200 opm*1 (2-sided)
  • Wide variety of finishing options, including 100-sheet Saddle Stitch Finisher
    with Trimming Module, Folding Unit, and 2-bin Inserter
  • Standard 3,100-sheet paper capacity, expandable up to 13,500 sheets
  • High Capacity Stacker (option) with Paper Cart for effortless transport
    accommodates up to 5,000 sheets; connecting 2 stackers boosts capacity to
    10,000 sheets
  • Intermediate Toner Hopper ensures an uninterrupted run during cartridge

Exceptional Reliability

  • Curl Correction Unit (option) eliminates warping before paper goes
    to the finisher
  • Air-Feed System on optional 2-drawer Large Capacity Trays enables smooth
    paper handling
  • Mirroring Kit (option) provides backup for MFP’s HDD

Enhanced Usability

  • 10.1-inch W-SVGA LCD touchscreen with intuitive operation brings quick
    and easy access to every document, function, and setting
  • Thumbnail displays of scanned images enable 3D previews, finishing
    confirmation, and layout editing
  • Control panel tilts from front to back and from side to side
  • Retractable QWERTY keyboard (option) facilitates text entry
  • Full front access to all key machine components ensures easy maintenance
    and reduces downtime
  • Status Indicator (option) uses coloured-light patterns visible from a distance
    to show job- and paper-supply status

Superb Image Quality

  • High-quality 1,200 x 1,200-dpi printing
  • Sharp’s proprietary Mycrostoner-EP reproduces fine lines and
    halftone colours
  • HP PCL emulation and true Adobe® PostScript® 3™ come standard
  • Halftone process control ensures optimal monochrome gradation and
    outstanding image quality

Multi-Layered Security Solutions

  • Standard-equipped security layers*2 provide encryption of data retained
    on the HDD, up to 7 automatic overwrites of data generated for each job,
    password protection of Document Filing data, and more
  • Document Control function*3 prevents unauthorised use of confidential

Advanced Functionality

  • Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture)*4 allows integration with network
    applications via cloud computing and makes them accessible from the
    LCD control panel
  • Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool (client-based scan-to-desktop option)
    facilitates document scanning and management
  • Document Filing function makes it easy to reuse job data stored on the HDD

Environmentally Advanced Design

  • Auto Power Shut-Off mode adjusts settings to match prior usage patterns
  • Power ON/OFF Schedule function automatically turns MFP on or off
    according to administrator-set time schedules
  • Eco Scan function saves energy by keeping fusing roller turned off during
    jobs that don’t require any printing

*1 Originals per minute (when feeding A4-size documents at 200-dpi resolution)
*2 Contact a Sharp customer service representative for details on use
*3 Requires optional Data Security Kit
*4 Requires optional MX-AMX2 and/or MX-AMX3

Available Peripherals include

  • MXLCX3N: 3,000 sheet latge capacity tray
  • MXLC12: A4 large capacity tray
  • MXLC13: Large capacity tray (2 drawers with Air feed)
  • MXMFX1: Multi bypass tray
  • MXMF11: Multi-bypass tray
  • MXRB13: Paper Pass Unit (For Inserter & 100 sheet finisher)
  • MXRB16: Paper pass unit for LCT
  • MXRB17: Connection/Bridge module for LCT
  • MXFN24: 4K Finisher (50 sheet staple)
  • MXFN25: 4K Saddle Finisher
  • MXPNX4: Punch module (A: 2, B: 3, C: 4, D: 4 wide)
  • MXFN21: 4K Finisher (100 sheet staple)
  • MXFN22: 4K Saddle Finisher (100 sheet staple)
  • MXPN13: Punch module (A: 2, B: 3, C: 4, D: 4 wide)
  • MXTM10: Trimmer module
  • MXRB18: Curl correction unit
  • MXCF11: Inserter
  • MXFD10: Paper folding unit