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With its dark-coloured control panel, the MX-M363N brings a polished, d├ęcor-enhancing design to the workplace. Featuring an 8.5-inch, W-VGA, touch-screen LCD that offers a choice of six screen colours and provides both thumbnail display and previews of data files, this user-friendly control panel makes the MX-M363N particularly easy to navigate. And the retractable QWERTY keyboard option puts added convenience at your fingertips.


Key Features

  • Exceptional Productivity: Speedy output of 50 ppm
  • High Image Quality
  • All-in One Performance
  • Versatile Operation
  • Multi-layered Security
  • Reliable, Heavy-Duty Design

Copying and Network Printing

  • Super-Efficient Output
  • Productive Collated Output from Memory
  • Automatic Document Feeding
  • Network Tandem Function
  • Polished Finishing
  • Large Paper Capacity
  • Job Build for Large-Volume Scanning
  • Built-in Stackless Duplex Module
  • Supports Most Office Environments
  • Supports PCL5e and PCL6 and PS3 Printer Languages
  • True 1,200 x 1,200-dpi Printing
  • Optimum Copy Quality
  • USB Memory Direct Print
  • Versatile Paper Handling

Network Scanning

  • Speedy A3 Network Scanning
  • Multiple Distribution of Scanned Files
  • LDAP Support
  • High-Speed Faxing
  • Automated Fax Finishing
  • PC-Fax/PC-Internet Fax
  • Internet Fax
  • Paperless Faxing with Inbound Routing

Document Filing

  • Document Management on the Hard Disk
  • Easy Access to Stored Files
  • Quick Filing
  • Advanced Filing Function


  • Industry-Leading Multi-Layered Security
  • Data Security Kit
  • Encrypted PDF with Password Protection
  • Secure Sockets Layer
  • IP/MAC Address Filtering
  • Auditing Mode
  • User Authentication for Network Scanning
  • IPv6 and IPsec Support

Device Management

  • Web-Based System Settings
  • User Control
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Network Utility Software
  • Device Cloning
  • Remote Operation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 8.5 inch Touch Screen LCD
  • Thumbnail Diasplay and Previews
  • Job Status Screen
  • Retractable Keyboard (option)
  • Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture)


Available Peripherals include

  • MX-FN11: Finisher
  • MX-PNX6A/B/C/D: 2/3/4/4-wide Punch Modules
  • MX-FN10: Saddle-stitch Finisher
  • MX-PNX5A/B/C/D: 2/3/4/4-wide Punch Modules
  • MX-RBX3: Paper Pass Unit
  • MX-FN9: Finisher
  • MX-PNX1A/B/C/D: 2/3/4/4-wide Punch Modules
  • MX-DEX9: Stand with 2 x 500 Sheet Paper Drawers
  • MX-DEX8: Stand with 1 x 500 Sheet Paper Drawer
  • MX-TRX2: Exit Tray Unit
  • MX-FXX2: Fax Expansion Kit
  • MX-LCX1: Large Capacity Tray (A4)
  • MX-ARSMX3: Expansion Memory Board
  • MX-PKX1: PS3 Expansion Kit
  • MX-PUX1: XPS Expansion kit
  • AR-PF1: Barcode Font Kit
  • MX-FWX1: Internet Fax Expansion Kit
  • MX-USX1/5: Sharpdesk 1/5 License Kit
  • MX-US10/50/AO: Sharpdesk 10/50/100 License Kit
  • MX-AMX1: Application Integration Module
  • MX-AMX2: Application Communication Module
  • MX-AMX3: External Account Module
  • MX-FR14U: Data Security Kit (non CC version)
  • MX-FR14: Data Security Kit (Common Criteria Validated)
  • MX-EBX3: PDF Scan Compression Kit
  • MX-KBX2: Retractable Keyboard
  • AR-SU1: Stamp Unit