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Service as rare as unicorns

Service as rare as unicorns

Let us guess. You're here because your photocopier or other business machine is causing you grief. Well, that’s because you haven’t asked us for our advice.

Scroll down for costly mistakes to avoid when buying a photocopier.

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25 years of magic!

Sunshine Coast Printers and Copiers - SHARP & HP Business Machines Supplier

As the leading Sunshine Coast business machine supplier for SHARP digital document solutions for the past 25 years, we understand your organisation's need for reliable office printers and scanners/copiers, coupled with the dependable ongoing service and support.

Aside from our range of Lexmark, Epson and SHARP printers and copiers, we also supply cash registers and LCD televisions.

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Buy once, buy right!

Common, costly mistakes people make when they buy a copier;

It’s not all about speed.

Most copies/prints are between 1-12 pages. With warm-up time etc there is very little difference in time taken to finish these documents regardless of whether it’s a 30-page-per-minute machine or 60. In fact, often the “faster” machine takes longer to process the first page, so it could even take longer for those more common, smaller jobs.

Everyone wants a scanner, but they aren’t all made equal.

Especially these days when businesses want to scan to the cloud or direct to mobile devices. It’s important you know what you’re getting.

“Managed Print Programs”. Everyone says they do them, but we do them a lot better.

Our plans are the most flexible in the market and are designed around your business’s unique needs. We do things differently than our competitors. Ask us how.

False economy.

A cheap document feeder actually has to feed one piece of paper 6 times versus one that costs not a lot more that feeds it only once. That’s 6x the wear and tear, and 6 times the likelihood of a paper jam. Buy once, buy right.

Ask us how we do things differently.

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