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SHARP Sunshine Coast Community Outreach Initiatives

Learn about SHARP Sunshine Coast's community outreach programs here below. Visit us in Warana to buy new HP and SHARP office printers and copiers, and other business machines, or for printer and photocopier repairs and regular maintenance.

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Daily bread food collection for the community by Sharp Sunshine Coast

Sharp Sunshine Coast in the Community

Daily Bread

This support was actually born from an idea and goal from our lead salesman Kym Drew. Kym came to management with the concept of truly helping our local community.

The Daily bread is an organisation in Nambour, devoted to “helping up rather than just helping out”.

After consultation with Brian ----- from the Daily Bread Program, we jointly came up with the solution to supply much needed proteins/meat for their “feeding the needy” program. Every time one of our valued customers is delivered a new SHARP MFD, $100 worth of fresh meat is supplied from one of a great business partners (IGA) and supplied to the Daily Bread kitchen to be prepared for nutritious meals.

So the SHARP Sunshine Coast family works as one with our customers to make our local community the little bit brighter.

Smile for a Child

Founded by Glenn Puckeridge and a consortium of local clubs in Noosa, the “smile for a child” charity has raised over $250,000 in just 10 years.

Tony and SHARP Sunshine Coast are the Foundation Major Sponsor of this very worthy cause.

Monies raised go to supporting young children that need that little bit more. Like assistance dogs that cost families over $25’000 to obtain. Smile for a Child was there to help out. Each year smile for a child gives away $25’000 to give that little bit of extra help. SHARP Sunshine Coast over the past 10 years have supplied at no charge over $50’000 of product and support to this very special cause.

From Tony Haack:- “Kids are the future and they need the support and enthusiasm to grow and be that great empathetic adult we all aspire to be. We can never do enough.”

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